2012 Toyota Tacoma Review

Full size pick up the great thing however a lot of people just don’t need that much capability not to mention the fuel economy and try to find a parking space for it if you have modest towing. I still want all dirty things a midsize pickup like the Toyota Tacoma might be just the thing. Pricing varies from the low $17000 range for a single cab 4 cylinder model. Only at the $35000 for something like a test drive. It’s a 4 by 4 V6 double cab it’s equipped with navigation TRD off roading telling packages. 2012 it’s been mildly updated with revised styling and a number of new tech features but hasn’t changed much under the skin. The 4 liter V6 in this double cab puts out 236 horsepower you get 16 city 21 highway and 18 combined MPG.2012 Toyota Tacoma

It’s got plenty to get up and go think until 6500 pounds. The new interiors not fancy but stepping up and open box either. The gauges and controls are clear though a few more storage bins would be nice. And check this out for 2012 the Tacoma has N tune which is Toyota’s multimedia system. It’s got Bluetooth HD radio text and email Pandora real time traffic and more.

On the road there I can get a little jiggle the witness off road suspension. New halo Toyota Tacoma headlights – very nice light. But that’s got the capability of going into for low and taking through some pretty very offroad situation. So when your spec in out of Tacoma just be honest with yourself about how much off roading you really plan on doing. In government crash testing the Tacoma earned an overall ranking of 4 stars out of 5 you cheap the insurance institute’s top rating of good for the frontal offset and side crash tests. But a marginal ranking in the roof strength test. The to come as one of the few mid size pickups left on the market and got a lot of appeal with a full size there is just too much trucks. For more information on the Tacoma and competitors like the Nissan frontier.