2016 Shelby GT350 Mustang – Review

Hello everyone, it would be checking out the Ford Mustang GT 350 the Shelby GT 350 brings the Mustang to a whole new level at 500 26 horsepower it’s the most powerful naturally aspirated road going engine in for history not only that thanks to the new flat plane crankshaft it’s also the highest reading production V8 engine, import history as well screaming all the way to an 8250 RPM redline 1 of the most critical operates the power plant was of course heavily focused on engines are essentially air pumps. The more air a motor can pump more power it makes. With this logic in my Ford spent a lot of time optimize airflow for the new 5.2 liter we’ll start with the crankshaft in work our way up unlike traditional V8 engine supports past the new one features a flat plane crankshaft.

2016 Shelby GT350 Mustang

As you can see this means all of the counterweights aligned with 180 degree angle and as such any time half the pistons are on their way up will Happer on their way down exactly 180 degrees apart what this does is it allows the engine firing order to alternate between each cylinder bank left side then right side left side been right side as opposed to a crossplane crankshaft this evens out the exhaust pulses improving scavenging and ultimately vastly improves on the engine breeds moving on to the cylinders the GT 350 block widens the bore a couple millimeters versus the 5.0 coyote giving it a total displacement of 5.2 leaders more displacement means more power but that’s not the only benefit of increasing the poor.

GT350 Mustang

With a larger surface area to work with the GT 350 can employ larger intake valves and we can keep a larger gap between the intake valve in the cylinder block allowing for significantly improved airflow before the intake valves work has to be done to the intake ports as well the 5.0 block has cast ports so the efficiency of the design is limited by the manufacturing process with the 5.2 Bayview CNC to port the heads and the what’s more costly and allows for a much more precise design so the design of the ports has been improved for enhanced airflow it’s important to note here that the surface finish isn’t the critical component here it’s the ability to design a more efficient port based on a superior manufacturing method all of the airflow changes mentioned as well as raising the compression ratio to 12 to 1 allow for the 5.2 to produce 500 26 horsepower an impressive 102 horsepower per liter the most power dance naturally aspirated port engine in a road car today the improvements to the GT 350 certainly aren’t limited to the engine there’s new era work for enhanced.

Cooling beneath the car as well as a rear differential cooler for the Torsen limited slip diff at the back keeping the cooler at the rear of the car means shorter coolant routings saving weight and complexity there’s. Also extensive use of aluminum in the suspension and surprisingly. The base GT 350 only weighs 55 pounds heavier than the base GT Mustang another first for the Mustang the 350 makes use of a magnetic suspension with damping alterations which can be made at any corner every 7 milliseconds. Massive breaks wide tires and a stiff chassis finish it all out it may not be the lightest track weapon but it’s sure to perform exceptionally if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below thanks for watching. Additional information of 2016 Shelby GT350 Mustang headlights, see at http://delight-style.com/ford-mustang/headlights.html.