Climate control How does it work

Everyone knows classic car models, where the control levers of salon heating are located in the instrument panel.

Over time, the requirements for the comfort of the driver and passengers of vehicles began to increase. Thus, designers who design the cars, started the mass introduction of air conditioners. However, they do not meet all the requirements of motorists comfort. And then there were the climatic system.

Climate control

Today, many motorists, mostly beginners, can’t distinguish the air conditioner from climate control, suggesting that these two devices are identical. But it isn’t true. The responsibilities of air conditioner include cooling and drying of the air inside the vehicle.

The air conditioning system is a hybrid of the heater and air conditioner. Its functions include not only the lowering of the temperature in the summer, but heating the interior in winter. It is controlled by a special control unit and temperature sensors located not only in the car, but also beyond.

Climate control system can be operated in manual and automatic modes, what ensures ease of operation of the vehicle and does not require constant attention from the driver.