Roadstone tires – good Korean rubber!

Roadstone tires are produced by the Asian company called NEXEN that dates back to the war year- 1942. Though the company has changed its name at least twice, today it is known under this brand name. It started to cooperate with Michelin Tire in 1987, and from 2000 it has been represented at the on the world market under the name of NEXEN.

Roadstone tires

The tires produced by this company have got the certificate of international level. The car tires, produced by this company since 1956, have proved successful since then, as they provide a good driveability of the vehicle. NEXEN Corporation sells the winter and summer tires to many Korean auto manufacturers, such as Ssangyong Motor, Hyundai, Kia Motors, etc. As for the Roadstone tires, they are produced exclusively for the European car market, and therefore meet all the quality standards, required by Europeans. Today NEXEN Company is engaged in the development of tires, allowing reducing fuel consumption. If this experiment will succeed, Roadstone tires will conquer the whole market, as today many car lovers and professionals in more than 120 countries around the world are satisfied with them.