The new sport tire from Continental

new sport tire ContinentalContinental presents the tire SportContact 6 that combined all the best company’s developments and replace ContiSportContact 5P.

ContiSportContact 5P was intended for the use on roads, although it belongs to the sport tires. The new tire SportContact 6 was mainly created for the use on the racetracks, which makes it completely sportive.

Compared to its predecessor, the new tire has 14% better reaction to the wheel turning, 11% better dry traction and better driveability on the wet road, acoustic comfort and wear resistance. Besides, the new tire allows increasing the speed limit by 10% more than the tire ContiSportContact 5P.

It was possible to achieve such indicators of 2001 dodge ram 1500 headlights problems through the use of new technologies of chrysler 300c tail lights. SportContact 6 has the unique rubber compound Black Chili that has the special molecular structure that can reproduce the road micro-relief, which improves driveability, grip and safety.